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disinfection services nyc

Commercial office Cleaning

It has always been important to have clean living and working spaces. Now it’s a matter of survival.

The Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, has made it even more vital to have cleaning done right. At Disinfection Services NYC Pros, we are expert at all types of disinfection cleaning services. We can give you the peace of mind that your home, office or other workspace is cleaned properly and safely.

Our disinfection services will protect against contamination of homes and businesses, or disinfect a space that has been contaminated. We have residential cleaning services and commercial cleaning services that will protect you, your employees and your customers.


    About Us

    We are a top-rated service business with over 15 years of experience handling every type of cleaning. At Disinfection Services NYC Pros, you know you’re getting the best.

    While we provide experience disinfecting and cleaning every type of residential and commercial space, we know it’s even more vital now to have cleaning done properly and with the right products and techniques. The Coronavirus pandemic makes cleaning a matter of survival. Contamination can last on surfaces for up to a week.

    We utilize only U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) approved products that have been qualified for use against this virus along with equipment with cutting edge technology.

    When you want to be certain your home, office, or other living and working space is cleaned and disinfected properly, contact

    us to protect you, your family and your customers.

    Our Services

    Our unique range of disinfection services allows you to have a service of type specific to your home or office or circumstances. Whether you are sanitizing your house or need regular office cleaning services, you can easily do all of the above and more safely and securely with the help of a sanitizing and cleaning service company. We come to your location and perform  all necessary cleaning services at the time most convenient to you and your staff.

    Commercial office sanitizing service
    Commercial Cleaning Services

    Commercial spaces serve a variety of needs and as a result have special cleaning needs.

    Serving medical offices to restaurants and more, our commercial disinfection cleaning services will ensure you, your employees and your customers are protected from hazardous germs, including Coronavirus and its dangerous effects. Disinfection Services NYC Pros have the techniques and tools to do to the job.

    After all, commercial buildings are naturally at risk of viruses, germs and bacteria. With different people constantly coming and going, and high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and banisters, a commercial space is a veritable breeding ground.

    Whether or not your commercial space has had a severe case or an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, you want to be sure your property is cleaned and disinfected before welcoming employees and customers.

    Our disinfection cleaning services are ideal for all kinds of commercial buildings, ranging from offices to churches to gyms.


    Here’s how we make your space safe.

    We use a two-step process with disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and following EPA guidelines.

    The first step involves using an EPA-approved chemical called Spray 9 to wipe down high-touch surfaces, such as door knobs, chair arms, refrigerator handles, elevator buttons and more. Spray 9 cleaner is known as an extremely effective cleanser and degreaser but it is also a highly effective germ killer that disinfects in 30 seconds.

    Following that, we use a disinfectant fogger machine that sprays the entire area, sanitizing to the microbial level.

    This two-step process is absolutely necessary, as it follows EPA guidelines and one step is not complete without the other step; the wiping must be followed by the sanitizing fogger.

    It is also Eco-Friendly, meaning you can return to the space within hours. We complete our work while the area is vacant, and later you return to your disinfected, safe commercial space.

    Medical Office Disinfection Services in NYC
    Medical Office Cleaning Services

    Our medical office cleaning services ensures doctors’ offices, dental offices, physiotherapists’ clinics, chiropractors’ clinics and more can be safe for customers and staff.

    Following the two-step process described, our medical cleaning services will disinfect and sanitize, with medical equipment and common areas like waiting rooms receiving special attention.

    We first wipe down hard surfaces with Spray 9 cleaner, wiping doors, chairs, receptionist desks, and examination chairs, as well as bathroom surfaces like taps, toilet knobs and door handles.

    Then our disinfectant fogger machine goes to work to complete the EPA-approved two-step process. The wiping process and sanitizing fogger ensure the area is cleaned, and the Eco-Friendly products mean your office is ready to accept patients in a matter of hours.

    Medical office cleaning services are especially important, as clients place trust in their medical professionals. They visit your office knowing that their health is your priority. So you can place your trust in Disinfection Services NYC Pros.

    "I was so impressed with the level of professionalism that Disinfection Services NYC Pros were able to offer us during a sanitizing of our family home. As we were preparing it for the market, we didn't realize there would be so much stuff but we're glad we had a sanitizing specialists to rely on! Thanks, Disinfection Services NYC Pros!" – Steph K.

    Office disinfecting services NYC
    Office Cleaning Services

    Our office cleaning services are effective as there are so many touch points in these spaces. That includes doorknobs and banisters, and furniture in common areas such as waiting areas and work cubicles.

    In large buildings, office cleaning services in NYC must also disinfect locations like elevators, escalators, and stairwells.

    We ensure all those common areas are cleaned thoroughly with Spray Nine. We then follow that vigorous cleaning with a disinfectant fogger machine that completes the two-step process.

    This EPA-approved procedure is effective against a number of viruses, so whether your office building has had a Coronavirus outbreak or not, it’s worth using our cleaning offices services to ensure the health and safety of employees and any customers who may enter the space.

    Restaurant Sanitizing Service NYC
    Restaurant Sanitizing

    Restaurant cleaning services are equally as important. Once again, people are trusting that your space will be clean and healthy, so you can trust us too look after your entire restaurant.

    People are eating, which means restaurants must always be clean, but these spaces can also be prone to hazards such as salmonella, listeria or E. Coli, so restaurant sanitizing is important at any time. With Coronavirus added to the list of dangers, restaurant sanitizing is even more vital.

    That means tables, chairs, bars, and any surface that the customers will touch has to be wiped down with Spray 9. Bathrooms are part of every restaurant, and the hard surfaces in those areas must also be wiped down. And then the kitchen and spaces where your employees are working, preparing food and drinks, must be completely cleaned.

    Following the wipe-down of all the surfaces, our restaurant sanitizing process is completed with a disinfecting fogger. In just a few hours, your employees and customers can return to the space.

    Be sure to call us for all your restaurant disinfecting services.

    “We had been looking for a sanitizing services for restaurant  that we could work with on weekly schedule. Fortunately, we came across Disinfection Services NYC Pros who gave us a great cleaning service quote and was one of the more reputable disinfection services companies in the area. They were able to do more than just sanitize restaurant, they were also able to provide us with procedures on how to maintain cleanliness of our establishment” – Louie G.

    Gym Sanitation Sevice NYC
    Gym Cleaning Services

    Gym cleaning services require expertise in dealing with harmful viruses and bacteria, since gyms are usually one large common area.

    At Disinfection Services NYC Pros, we know how to ensure your gym and other exercise spaces are safe and healthy. Whether you have a yoga studio, a spin cycle center, or a traditional gym with treadmills and other equipment, we can make sure those spaces are ready to accept customers.

    To start, we wipe down those touchpoints with Spray 9 cleaner, including workout machines and other exercise areas.

    Gym sanitizing services also deal with change rooms and their lockers, toilets and showers.

    After wiping down all the hard surfaces, our disinfectant fogger machine completes the two-step procedure. We can help ensure your gym is ready for employees and customers to exercise in safety.

    Home Sanitizing Service NYC
    Disinfection Home Cleaning Services

    During the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond, your home is one of the most important spaces to you and your family, so it’s essential to keep it clean.

    You spend a lot of hours at home, and you want to feel safe in your surroundings. You want to come home and spend time in an environment that’s both clean and healthy, with disinfecting and sanitizing done properly and effectively.

    If you’re home in quarantine or sheltering in place, you’re in your home all the time, and you want to ensure it’s a safe setting. There’s no use staying safe at home if your home isn’t safe to start out with.

    Our home cleaning surfaces will give you the assurance you need to be happy and protected. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more important to make sure cleaning is done right. At Disinfection Services NYC Pros, we are expert at all types of effective cleaning and sanitizing services.

    If you’ve come into contact with COVID-19, it’s a matter of survival that you use our disinfection home cleaning services. Even if you haven’t had direct contact, there’s a chance you or someone in your household has come in touch with it in some way. If you’ve been out in public, or you work in a high-risk industry, there’s an even greater chance.

    But whatever the risk of contamination, it’s best to be safe by utilizing our expert sanitizing home cleaning services.

    Our professionally trained staff uses only United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products qualified for use against Coronavirus. Combining our 15 years of experience with our products, equipment and cutting edge technology puts us among the best cleaning services in NYC.

    We combine professional tools such as a disinfecting fogger machine, which we use to sanitize large spaces, along with a specialized product known as Spray 9.

    We start by wiping down every surface with Spray 9, and then using a disinfectant fogger to spray the entire area, including surfaces and objects, so that germs are killed on contact. The spray adheres to and coats objects and surfaces, including those that are hard to reach. The mist envelops and disinfects the area.

    This two-step process kills germs on contact, in a faster and more efficient way than wiping with disinfectant wipes. Plus it covers an entire area, which wipes may not accomplish. It cleans right to the microbial level. The two-step process is also highly effective because it adheres to EPA guidelines. The steps must be done together.

    The chemical is also Eco Friendly, so it’s safe to return to your home after only a few hours.

    Whether you need home cleaning services or apartment cleaning services, we will treat every job with the utmost in care and professionalism. From your living area to your kitchen, bedrooms to bathrooms, we use the products and techniques that clean, disinfect and sanitize against COVID-19 and a host of other dangerous germs, bacteria and micro-bacteria.

    What you can’t see can in fact harm you, so trust our disinfection specialists to clean your home and protect your family.

    Electrostatic Disinfection Specialist NYC
    Electrostatic Disinfection

    When you entrust your disinfection and sensitization to Disinfection Services NYC Pros, you can be assured you’re getting the best products, tools and techniques.

    We clean and protect your home, business and commercial property from germs, bacteria, microbacteria and the Coronavirus. We have 15 years of experience disinfecting, and additional expertise since the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Electrostatic disinfection is one of the powerful and effective tools we use in the disinfecting process.

    This specialized product is applied using electrostatic sprayers. An electrostatically charged mist is sprayed onto surfaces and objects, including hard-to-reach places and oddly shaped objects. The electrostatic spray is a specialized solution that mixes with air. An electrode inside the sprayer atomizes the product to create positively charged particles, which in turn adhere to and coat surfaces.

    That means the mist envelops an area or object and the sanitizing product disinfects what the mist covers, making electrostatic disinfection a powerful weapon against Coronavirus.

    We also use Spray 9 cleaner as a cleansing agent, which is known as an extremely effective cleanser and degreaser but is also a highly effective germ killer that disinfects in 30 seconds.

    By having the ability to sanitize all types of spaces, hard-to-reach spots and even awkward shaped walls and objects, we get to every corner of your living and working space. This specialized electrostatic process can even address those surfaces that can’t be accessed, like compartments or air ducts. It kills germs on contact, and is just as effective as wiping down an area with disinfectant wipes.

    Electrostatic disinfection using a fogging machine can cover large areas, getting your business ready for customers when you need it or your home sanitized for safety.

    The product looks like fog coming out of the spraying machine, and it goes on dry, meaning there’s no need to wipe up when we are done. In fact, it’s as effective as hand wiping all the areas with a disinfectant wipe, but much more comprehensive and faster.

    The electrostatic disinfectant foggers combined with Spray 9 can deliver the safest, most effective shield disinfectant over tile, grout, flooring, carpeting, curtains and draperies, and upholstery.

    Our specialists have the experience and expertise with effective products like disinfection foggers, and hospital grade disinfectant, giving you the peace of mind that your home, office or commercial space is sanitized from top to bottom and safe for family, employees and customers.

    "We needed to prepare our office for our stuff to come back after COVID 19 pandemic. We looked at several sanitizing service companies and decided on setting with a monthly disinfection service that Disinfection Services NYC was able to provide. Really glad we found a company like this could who are able to provide office cleaning services in NYC around our schedule. I can highly recommend them!” – Steven T.

    Call Us Today

    If you are interested in learning more about our professional disinfection services or would like to schedule your next cleaning service, you can easily do so by contacting us on the service number provided on the website. Through this number, you will have the chance to speak with a member of our team who can arrange for a cleaning service to home or office. Furthermore, you can also request a free quote regarding any of our sanitizing services by completing the contact form on our homepage and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with your tailored quote.