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About Our Team

Image shows our Disinfection Services NYC Commercial Cleaning Services team member at the job site. Picture was taken in 2019.

Disinfection Services NYC Pros are the best choice for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting any type of space and protecting against harmful and dangerous viruses, germs and bacteria.


We have over 15 years of experience handling every type of scenario when it comes to harmful substances. And we can handle the new danger, Coronavirus. That’s because we use only United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products that have qualified for use against this virus along with equipment with cutting edge technology.


We can disinfect your home to ensure your family is safe. We can disinfect a wide variety of commercial spaces, ensuring employees and customers are protected from the threat of germs, viruses and bacteria, including the Coronavirus.


That means we can make office buildings and office workspaces safe again; get gyms and other workout areas ready to open for business; make medical offices a trustworthy destination for patients of doctors, dentists and other medical clinics. We can ensure restaurants are ready for customers, protecting against Coronavirus and the many other bacteria that need to be eliminated from cooking and eating spaces.


We use a two-step process with disinfectants approved by the EPA and following EPA guidelines. These two steps work together to ensure your entire space is cleaned and disinfected. And the product is Eco-Friendly, meaning you can return quickly once the job is done.


The next time you’re wondering: “Who can I trust to clean and disinfect against any type of harmful germs, bacteria and viruses?” – the answer is Disinfection Services NYC Pros. Trust us with your safety and well being.