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Medical Office Cleaning Services

Image shows our medical office cleaning service team is preparing dental office for the next to to insure COVID-19 is not present on the services of the medical office. Picture was taken in July 2020

The medical office cleaning services team understand that commercial spaces that are used by many people are important to have properly cleaned and disinfected. Among the most important are medical offices.


At NYC Disinfection Services Pros, our expertise with medical office cleaning services ensures that medical professionals and their patients are safe in their surroundings. Our commercial cleaning services are second to none, and when it comes to medical cleaning services, you can trust us to do it right.


Using the proper products and tools combined with our 15 years of experience, our disinfection services make every office and clinic safe for you, your employees and your patients. We can protect your clinic from hazardous germs, including Coronavirus and its dangerous effects.


Patients come to a medical office trusting that their health is of the utmost priority. Our medical cleaning services ensure that everyone’s health is looked after properly, with a process that completely disinfects your office or clinic and makes sure it it’s free from all kinds of germs, harmful viruses and other bacteria.


We accomplish that following a rigorous two-step process that follows the guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both steps need to be done to make it effective, and must be done with the disinfectants we use that are approved by the EPA.


This process is how we conduct all our commercial cleaning services, disinfecting a wide variety of commercial spaces with their many touch points like elevators and waiting rooms. In such large spaces and varied areas, which may seem impossible to disinfect, we can do it.


The first step uses the EPA-approved chemical called Spray Nine, which we use to wipe down all the high-touch surfaces in an office or clinic. That includes the areas in waiting rooms like chairs and door handles. It includes elevator buttons and stairwells. It includes the many hard surfaces in bathrooms such as light switches and sink taps. It includes staff rooms or lounges, which may have refrigerators, coffee makers and microwave ovens, along with tables and chairs.


And of course it includes the multitude of medical equipment including chairs, countertops, and other hard surfaces. Whether our medical office cleaning services look after a doctor’s office, dental clinic, chiropractor practice or other type of clinic, our medical cleaning services ensure everyone’s health is the top priority. Our medical office cleaning checklist makes sure every area in the clinic is treated. You, your employees and your patients will feel safe and secure.


Spray Nine is used for several reasons. It’s well known to many as an ideal cleanser and degreaser. But Spray Nine is also a highly effective germ killer that disinfects in 30 seconds. Wiping down touch points is the first step to making your medical office safe.


The second step in our sanitizing services involves using a disinfectant fogger machine that gets down to the microbial level. It sprays the entire area, including hard-to-reach nooks and crannies common in medical spaces. These two steps must be done in conjunction with each other in order to be effective.


Our fogger machines spray an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. This special solution mixes with air and then adheres to, coats and disinfects objects and surfaces. When the mist envelops an area or object, it disinfects what it covers. That makes electrostatic disinfection a particularly powerful weapon against Coronavirus.


The process we use for our medical office cleaning services makes sure we properly disinfect and treat surfaces potentially exposed to COVID-19, along with other harmful germs and bacteria that are particularly dangerous in medical clinics. The process needs to be completed with extreme caution, expertise, and the proper products and equipment. It’s best to trust medical cleaning services to our trained professionals.


By using NYC Disinfection Services Pros and our comprehensive disinfecting strategy, you can be assured that the process addresses all potentially contaminated touch points. Our experienced, certified and professional staff members are ready to help you combat this dangerous disease and other hidden dangers in your medical office.