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This image shows our disinfection services nyc specialist working in commercial office cleaning desks and glass. Picture was taken in 2020 in midtown Manhattan

At Disinfection Services NYC Pros, we provide the highest standard of professionalism, using only United States Environmental Protection Agency approved products qualified for use against Coronavirus. Our products, equipment and cutting edge technology are available as rapidly as you need them, including electrostatic disinfection. We provide affordable disinfection services for commercial cleaning services and residential services in NYC.

Our sanitizing company staff members are on hand to serve you, whether you’re being proactive and want to guard against Coronavirus, or you need an emergency service in the event of an outbreak.

And our affordable disinfection services are effective against more than Coronavirus. Our remediation cleaning also includes disinfecting and protecting against other types of biological and microbiological hazards, such as salmonella, listeria, influenza virus, canine distemper, and other types of viruses and lethal germs.

At this time, the COVID-19 virus is top of mind, and we can clean and protect against it. But we can handle all your disinfecting and sanitizing needs, whether Coronavirus is a concern or not. There are always dangerous, unseen microbes lurking that we can eliminate, giving you the assurance that your home, office or commercial space is safe for your family, employees and customers.

When you want peace of mind, contact our specialists for all your cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting needs.