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Restaurant Cleaning Services

This image show the our clients business. He hired us to do restaurant cleaning services and restaurant kitchen cleaning services for his two food establishments. Image shows one of his establishments in NYC. Image was taken in June 2020 after disinfection services for coronavirus (covid 19) virus.

Among the most important type of disinfection services required is restaurant cleaning services.


Patrons visit restaurants trusting that these establishments will be clean and safe. It’s where people gather, celebrate, and enjoy special food and drinks.


People are eating, which means restaurants must always be clean. Restaurants are also held to high health standards and are inspected according to those standards.


But restaurants and kitchens can also be prone to hazards such as salmonella, listeria, E. Coli, and other dangerous bacteria, germs and viruses. Add the newest and potentially deadliest danger to the list, COVID-19, and you’ll understand why restaurant sanitizing must be done to the highest possible level.


At NYC Disinfection Services Pros, our commercial kitchen cleaning services have always been handled following the strictest procedures. Now with Coronavirus, we follow the guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and use EPA-approved products and techniques.


Add that to our 15 years of experience and you’ll know why you should call us for every type of restaurant cleaning services.


We use a two-step process following EPA guidelines that will give you and your employees and customers the confidence that the area has been properly and meticulously cleaned and disinfected.


Our commercial kitchen cleaning starts with Step 1, in which we wipe all surfaces with a highly effective germ killer called Spray Nine. Those in the restaurant industry may recognize Spray Nine as a cleaner and degreaser. It also kills germs in 30 seconds, making it effective to use in restaurant cleaning services to protect against Coronavirus.


We follow that with Step 2, disinfectant fogger machines that cover every surface, object and hard-to-reach area with electrostatically charged particles. In a restaurant, that means high shelving, kitchen air ducts, cupboards, appliances and more can be covered and disinfected. The particles envelop and disinfect what they coat.


That also means we can handle any type of restaurant sanitizing and any size of restaurant. There is no job too big or small and our sanitizing services will make sure your business is safe for you, your staff and your customers. We can clean and protect your restaurant from hazardous germs, including Coronavirus and its dangerous effects.


Our two-step process following EPA guidelines will clean to the microbial level. The two steps must be done in conjunction with each other, and that’s what makes our commercial kitchen cleaning so effective.


Our restaurant cleaning services will ensure all the spaces in your business are clean and safe. That means tables and chairs in waiting areas, bars and the restaurant itself. It means the surface of the bar, the servers’ area, and any prep surfaces. It means the bathrooms, with many touch points that require complete and effective disinfecting services.


And then of course there is the kitchen itself. It has countertops for food preparation, and hard surfaces that are always touched, like refrigerator, stove and microwave handles. It has pass-throughs for the dishes to be served. It has the many implements and appliances used to cook food.


Restaurant sanitizing needs to ensure every corner in the space is cleaned, sanitized and disinfected with the utmost care and proper techniques.


Every nook and cranny needs to be disinfected and ready for customers and employees. You don’t want to leave your restaurant cleaning services to chance. Whether or not there has been a known Coronavirus outbreak in your establishment, sanitizing services are absolutely essential for a restaurant. From Coronavirus to E. Coli to other harmful germs, bacteria and viruses, you need to know the disinfection services you need are done properly and effectively.


That’s why it’s best to trust your restaurant cleaning services to the pros at NYC Disinfection Services Pros.