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Gym Cleaning Services

The image shows dumbbells on the bench. Image was taken by our gym cleaning service nyc specialist in July 2020. Our client wanted to address the issue of Covid 19 and disinfect his gym on daily basis.

Gym cleaning services are essential function at every gym. We all seem to have an increased focus on health these days, which includes exercise at gyms and fitness centers.


People want to work out and get healthy, and while at a fitness facility, they also expect to be safe and healthy while in those surroundings.


That makes it imperative that the gym area is cleaned and disinfected. At NYC Disinfection Services Pros, we have expert tools, products and techniques as part of our gym cleaning services. Our gym cleaning checklist will ensure your customers and employees will be safe and healthy.


Our commercial cleaning services are top-notch, following the guidelines of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Businesses that want to safeguard employees and customers trust us to clean and disinfect using proper tools and techniques, combined with our 15 years of experience.


Gyms, yoga centers, spin cycling centers and other fitness facilities are often large, warehouse-like spaces that are difficult to clean. Even smaller, more intimate spaces, for instance small yoga centers, are usually one large common space. Gyms have many hard surfaces and common touch points that need to be properly cleaned and disinfected.


Gym cleaning services have to ensure that workout machines like treadmills and elliptical machines are cleaned. There are also common areas like weight rooms with many hard surfaces. Spin centers have cycling machines, and most gyms also have yoga and other exercise mats, foam rollers and other equipment that all needs to be cleaned and disinfected with effective gym cleaning services.


Training centers also have bathrooms, which have taps, doorknobs, towels machines, countertops and other touch points. The same is true of change rooms, with benches, lockers and shower facilities. Gyms also have reception areas and waiting rooms. The gym cleaning checklist that we follow ensures all spaces are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.


Our commercial cleaning services, including gym cleaning services, feature two steps done in conjunction and following EPA guidelines.


In the first step, we wipe every hard surface with Spray Nine, an effective cleaner that’s also an exceptional disinfectant, doing the job in just 30 seconds.


In the second step, we sanitize to the microbial level with a disinfectant fogger machine in the process called Electrostatic Disinfection. This fogger sprays the entire area, covering the large surface area common in gyms and fitness centers. We can therefore disinfect all those hard-to-reach spaces that have to be looked after when doing gym cleaning services.


The disinfectant fogger does this by spraying an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects, and disinfects by enveloping and coating them. The mist disinfects what it covers, making our process a particularly powerful weapon against Coronavirus and other harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.


The chemical is also Eco Friendly, so your gym or fitness center will be safe to return to after only a few hours.


We ensure your fitness business is safe for you, your employees and your customers, and the space is protected from hazardous germs, including Coronavirus and other dangerous organisms.

Your customers trust you, so you can trust NYC Disinfection Services Pros to handle all types of commercial cleaning services, including expert gym cleaning services.