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Commercial Cleaning Services

Image show our commercial cleaning services nyc professional team member dissecting medical office. Picture was taken in March 2020

Commercial Cleaning Services for  commercial spaces serve a variety of needs and as a result have special cleaning needs.


Serving medical offices to restaurants and more, our commercial disinfection cleaning services will ensure you, your employees and your customers are protected from hazardous germs, including Coronavirus and its dangerous effects. NYC Disinfection Services Pros have the techniques and tools to do to the job.


After all, commercial buildings are naturally at risk of viruses, germs and bacteria. With different people constantly coming and going, and high-touch surfaces like doorknobs and banisters, a commercial space is a veritable breeding ground.


Whether or not your commercial space has had a severe case or an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, you want to be sure your property is cleaned and disinfected before welcoming employees and customers.


Our disinfection cleaning services are ideal for all kinds of commercial buildings, ranging from offices to churches to gyms.


Here’s how we make your space safe.


We use a two-step process with disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and following EPA guidelines.


The first step involves using an EPA-approved chemical called Spray Nine to wipe down high-touch surfaces, such as door knobs, chair arms, refrigerator handles, elevator buttons and more. Spray Nine cleaner is known as an extremely effective cleanser and degreaser but it is also a highly effective germ killer that disinfects in 30 seconds.


Following that, we use a disinfectant fogger machine that sprays the entire area, sanitizing to the microbial level.


This two-step process is absolutely necessary, as it follows EPA guidelines and one step is not complete without the other step; the wiping must be followed by the sanitizing fogger.


It is also Eco-Friendly, meaning you can return to the space within hours. We complete our work while the area is vacant, and later you return to your disinfected, safe commercial space.


Here are some examples of the commercial spaces that we can disinfect.


Office Cleaning Services


Our office cleaning services are effective as there are so many touch points in these spaces. That includes doorknobs and banisters, and furniture in common areas such as waiting areas and work cubicles. It includes staff rooms or lounges and staff lockers, and closets for staff and customers.


Our services also clean bathrooms with the many spots like light switches and taps. It includes office appliances such as computers and power outlets, and appliances in common areas like coffee pots and microwave ovens. Any object touched by employees and customers will be cleaned and disinfected according to guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


In large buildings, office cleaning services in NYC must also disinfect locations like elevators, escalators, and stairwells.


We first ensure all those areas are cleaned thoroughly with Spray Nine. We then follow that vigorous cleaning with a disinfectant fogger machine that completes the two-step process.


This EPA-approved procedure is effective against a number of viruses, so whether your office building has had a Coronavirus outbreak or not, it’s worth using our cleaning offices services to ensure the health and safety of employees and any customers who may enter the space. This helps employers mitigate the costs of absenteeism, while also ensuring that EPA guidelines are followed and the office space is safe for everyone who enters.


Medical Office Cleaning Services


Our medical office cleaning services ensures doctors’ offices, dental offices, physiotherapists’ clinics, chiropractors’ clinics and more can be safe for customers and staff.


Following the two-step process described, our medical cleaning services will disinfect and sanitize, with medical equipment and common areas like waiting rooms receiving special attention. We first wipe down hard surfaces with Spray Nine cleaner, wiping doors, chairs, receptionist desks, and examination chairs, as well as bathroom surfaces like taps, toilet knobs and door handles.


Then our disinfectant fogger machine goes to work to complete the EPA-approved two-step process. The wiping process and sanitizing fogger ensure the area is cleaned, and the Eco-Friendly products mean your office is ready to accept patients in a matter of hours.


Medical office cleaning services are especially important, as clients place trust in their medical professionals. They visit your office knowing that their health is your priority. So you can place your trust in NYC Disinfection Services Pros.


Restaurant Sanitizing


Restaurant cleaning services are equally as important. Once again, people are trusting that your space will be clean and healthy, so you can trust NYC Disinfection Services to look after your entire restaurant.


That means tables, chairs, bars, and any surface that the customers will touch has to be wiped down with Spray Nine. Bathrooms are part of every restaurant, and the hard surfaces in those areas must also be wiped down. And then the kitchen and spaces where your employees are working, preparing food and drinks, must be completely cleaned.


Following the wipe-down of all the surfaces, our restaurant sanitizing process is completed with a disinfecting fogger. That’s especially effective with all the nooks, crannies and other spaces in restaurants that can be difficult to reach. Whether they will ever be touched or used, they will be disinfected. In just a few hours, your employees and customers can return to the space.


Be sure to call NYC Disinfection Services Pros for all your restaurant disinfecting services.


Gym Cleaning Services 

At NYC Disinfection Services Pros, we know how to ensure your gymnasium and other exercise spaces are safe and healthy. Whether you have a yoga studio, a spin cycle center, or a traditional gymnasium with treadmills and other equipment, we can make sure those spaces are ready to accept customers.


To start, we wipe down those touch points with Spray Nine cleaner, including workout machines and other exercise areas.


Gym sanitizing services also deal with change rooms and their lockers, toilets and showers.


After wiping down all the hard surfaces, our disinfectant fogger machine completes the two-step procedure. We can help ensure your gym is ready for employees and customers to exercise in safety.