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Office Cleaning Services

This image shows office cleaning services nyc team doing it's daily evening cleaning in NYC. Client requested to have clean his offices daily due to coronavirus (covid-19). Image was taken in April 2020

Office cleaning services have always been important, but with hazardous germs and bacteria lurking in every space, it’s now a matter of survival.


NYC Disinfection Services Pros has over 15 years of experience handling every type of cleaning job, and can now provide new expertise managing commercial cleaning services during the Coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has made it even more vital to have cleaning done right.


We are expert at all types of disinfection services and will give you and your employees the peace of mind that your office and workspace is cleaned properly and safely.


We provide the highest standard of professionalism, using only United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved products qualified for use against Coronavirus. Combining that with our equipment, cutting edge techniques, and expertise, we are available when you need us. Whether you’ve had an outbreak of Coronavirus or want to guard against it, call us when you’re looking for “cleaning services near me.”


Here’s how we will look after your office cleaning services needs.


Large spaces like office buildings may seem to pose difficulty when it comes to sanitizing services, but we have the right products and techniques for every size and type of commercial cleaning services.


In step one, we clean every hard surface and touch point by wiping with a cleaner called Spray Nine. This is known as an effective cleanser and degreaser and is also an extremely effective germ killer. We use it to wipe down high-touch surfaces since it disinfects in just 30 seconds.


That’s followed by step two, using a disinfectant fogger machine to spray the entire space and sanitize to the microbial level. The fogger sprays the whole area, including hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, shelving, ceilings and air ducts. The electrostatically charged particles coat surfaces and objects and disinfect what they coat.


It kills germs on contact, like a disinfecting wipe, but covers a much larger area and is more effective and efficient. It looks like a fog coming out of the machine, and goes on dry, so there’s no need to wipe up when we’re done. And it’s Eco-Friendly, so you can return to the space soon after we’re done.


Both steps must be done in conjunction, and the two-step process follows the guidelines of the EPA, using disinfectants approved by the EPA.


That means our office cleaning surfaces will disinfect all the spaces in an office that require sanitizing services.


There are cubicles and workstations, which include cubicle walls, computers and computer towers or laptops, keyboards, telephones, chairs, and other equipment.


There are staff rooms and lounges, which often include lockers, tables and chairs and other furniture. There are kitchen areas with coffee makers, cupboards, refrigerators, and microwaves.


And there are staff bathrooms and public bathrooms, with many touch points that need complete disinfecting services.


Commercial cleaning services also need to ensure elevators, elevator buttons, escalators, stairwells, reception areas and closets are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.


Using our EPA-approved two-step process your office will be ready and safe for your employees. And our office cleaning services are effective against more than Coronavirus. We will disinfect and protect against other types of biological and microbiological hazards, germs and viruses.


Your business and its employees and customers want to know the space has been properly cleaned and disinfected using proper tools and techniques. Our process is the quickest and most effective way to sanitize and disinfect large areas. This will cause the minimum of disruption to your business, and reduce the cost of absenteeism.


Our techniques also have immediate results. Once we treat your office space, it will be free of Coronavirus and other dangerous pathogens. Our products are alcohol and bleach free but still highly effective. We use industrial strength disinfectants that are EPA registered and CDC approved.


Contact NYC Disinfection Services Pros to get your office cleaning services done right, ensuring your business, your employees and your customers are safe and healthy.